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Welcome to Essex Double Glazing Repairs, a mobile Window Doctor and expert Glazier in Romford Essex. If your windows are beginning to get old then they may begin to show signs of wear and tear. There are a number of faults that can occur with double glazing, new or old that we can fix.

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Here are some of the most common faults that we fix.

Window friction stay hinges

Window Doctor RomfordWhen you close your windows, there is a draft or obvious gap that can be seen on the hinged side of the window. This is normally because the window hinges are worn and they no longer close tightly, or that the plastic slider that is on the hinge has snapped in half and the hinge can no longer pull in tightly without this slider.

Window locking mechanism

The window lock all of a sudden stops working. When you operate the window handle, the window will not open anymore. This is because the locking mechanism has worn and something has come loose inside, or that there is a fault with the window handle.

Misted up or broken double glazed sealed units

Glaziers RomfordYour window appears to mist up during certain times of the day or is just misty all the time. This looks like condensation in between the two panes of glass. Basically, the seal around the double glazed sealed unit has aged and cracks have allowed air to sneak in. Air carries moisture and eventually you begin to see drips forming inside the double glazed sealed unit.

The solution is to replace the double glazed sealed unit with a new one. The old one can easily be removed and a new one fitted by our Romford glazier repair service.

Window handle

The window handle spins around but does not open the window, or it simply comes away in your hand, or the fixings are loose.

Multipoint locking mechanism

A multipoint lock is the long lock that runs down the length of the door (normally UPVC or composite doors) on the opening side. There are many different types of these locks and therefore, it is important to use an expert in this field such as Essex Double Glazing Repairs.

There are many problems that can occur with a multipoint lock. Sometimes, the mechanism can fail and when you try and unlock the door, the door cannot be opened. You than need an expert who can open your door without causing any damage and then they need to secure your door on the same day if it is an external one.

Door Alignment

Glazier in RomfordYour door hits the frame when you close it or the lock does not operate properly when the door is closed but works fine when the door is open. You door is probably misaligned.

Euro profile cylinders (barrel)

The euro profile cylinder also known as a barrel can have a few faults occur with it.  Sometimes, people can snap there key off in the cylinder, or sometimes people lose their keys.  Another common fault is sometimes when you turn the key in your cylinder and it unlocks or locks the door, but you cannot remove the key.

An expert Romford Glazier is only a phone call away should you wish to discuss any of your double glazing problems.