Door Handle Replacement

We Replace UPVC Door Handles

Door Handles are probably the one item on your Double Glazing that gets used a lot more than some of the other components and because they are the only way to enter and exit your property, when they go wrong, it is normally quite urgent that they are repaired and this is where Essex Double Glazing Repairs can assist you.

Door Handles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and metal finishes and it can often be taken for granted that a Door Handle can simply be replaced by visiting the local DIY store and sourcing it from there.

However, this isn’t always the case as some people will find out when they begin their search. Some of these Door Handles are quite unique to the Door they are fitted to and it can be quite difficult to source the correct handles.

Some Door Handles have a single spindle and some have a double spindle and some have a split spindle. These all effect how you enter and exit your home and if you don’t order the correct UPVC Door Handles then you may compromise your security or safety of your home.

Some of our customers sometimes mistake their UPVC Door Handles to be broken when it can actually be a problem with the Multipoint lock that is in the Door.

So when it comes to changing your Double Glazed Door Handles it is a good idea to use a service like ours because we have many years of experience repairing and replacing them.

Because we attend so many call outs and emergencies, we at Essex Double Glazing Repairs make sure we always carry enough stock to hopefully either replace your Door Handles on the first visit or to enable us to temporary secure your front or back Door until the right Door Handles are sourced.

So feel free to give us a call for a free quote or advice should you have a problem with your Door Handles. We replace or repair all types of UPVC Door handles whether they belong to UPVC, Composite, Aluminium or Wooden Doors.

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