Patio Door Rollers

Repair and Replace Patio Door Rollers

We carry six types of Patio Door Rollers on the van and these normally cover all scenarios when it comes to repairing sliding Patio Doors. When asked to carry out a repair on a Patio Door, we normally find that in most cases the Patio Door wheels have stopped rotating and they no longer roll along the Patio Door Track. This happens normally because the ball bearings inside the Patio Door Wheels tend to crumble and fall apart from wear and tear.

If the Patio Door continues to be used whilst the rollers are no longer rotating, then the metal wheels being dragged along the Patio Track begin to wear away the metal. Eventually, the Track gets damaged and will also need replacing. We advise that you get the Patio Door Rollers replaced straight away to avoid damaging the Patio Door Track and this way it will not cost you as much money in the long run. A Patio Door Track should never really need replacing unless the doors are exceptionally old and the Patio Door Track has worn thin. However, in most cases it is just the wheels that need replacing and rest assured we have tackled most repair scenarios.

In some cases, the Patio Doors are so old that we have had to Retro fit the Patio Door Rollers to fit. Replacing Patio Door Rollers can be a difficult job and should only be left to the professionals like us. Once Patio Door Rollers are fitted, the Patio Door may need realigning and the locking mechanism may have to be adjusted. If you are not familiar with this then we are the experts for the job, so feel free to give us a call for a free quote.

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