UPVC Door Realignment

Door Realignment / Toe and Heeling / Lock Servicing / Dropped Door issues

Believe it or not, Unaligned or dropped UPVC/ Composite Doors are one the main reasons Multipoint lock mechanisms normally fail or develop faults. This is because the door gradually begins to move out of position through general use or because the UPVC door was never aligned correctly to begin with, or sometimes just because the UPVC door hinges are of poor quality, or that the UPVC door was never toe and heeled correctly to begin with, or a combination of everything.

So, once the UPVC Door moves out of its set position, the Multipoint lock mechanism latch and deadbolts and rollers/ hooks etc all begin to miss the frame sections/ keeps that they are supposed to engage with when the lock is operated to the locking mode. Overtime, this gets worse and the bolts/ rollers/ hooks etc miss their location and this puts the multipoint lock mechanism under pressure and stress and this feeds back to the main lock gearbox or lock case and then something inside normally fails or bends or snaps.

Then all of a sudden, the Multipoint lock is broken and this will either mean that the UPVC door lock has failed in the locked mode (you cannot open the UPVC door and it is an inconvenience and a fire hazard) or it is has failed in the open position (you cannot lock the UPVC door and have no security). Either scenario is not welcome, and now you are faced with calling out an emergency service or urgently require a Locksmith and Double Glazing Repair Service like ourselves.
A Multipoint lock mechanism is quite costly compared to a door realignment so if you feel that your multipoint lock requires a service and general realignment then give us a call. We will check that all components of the Multipoint lock mechanism are working and adjust the hinges and toe and heel the door if necessary to correct the position of the UPVC door. Toe and heeling is a process where you pack around the glass or panels with packers in order to prevent the UPVC door from moving and in the majority of cases is used to lift the UPVC door higher so that it raises the lock to align with the frame keeps. This process is fairly simple if you know what you are doing but should be left to the experts as in the wrong hands, the glass or panels can be damaged.

So, to sum it up, if you are struggling to lock your UPVC door then your UPVC door lock may either need a service, or your UPVC door has dropped and may need realigning and also toe and heeling. Or it may need a combination of everything. So don’t continue to use your Multipoint lock mechanism if it is difficult as it may cause damage to the lock and it may cost you more in the long run. Instead, give us a call and ask for a lock service and door realignment and this will ensure that your Multipoint lock mechanism lasts longer and avoids any unnecessary emergencies and unexpected bills to pay.

If unsure, just give us a call to discuss the problem that you are having and we will advise you accordingly.

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