Door Hinge Repairs

We Repair UPVC & Composite Door Hinges

If you suddenly find that your UPVC or composite door isn’t closing correctly or the lock mechanism isn’t locking properly then it may be an issue with your UPVC or composite door hinges. They may need adjusting so that your door can be realigned or they may need replacement if they have become damaged or worn with use.

We perform door hinge repairs on an almost daily basis. We carry all types of door hinges in stock ready to respond to emergencies and assist with daily repairs and ensure that your door is repaired as quickly as possible. In the majority of cases most door hinges can be repaired. When there is a locking issue, you will also normally find that it is the door hinges that are causing the issue and once they are adjusted the door works perfectly again. Not only that, but by getting your door hinges realigned and the hinges repaired, you will be avoiding wear and tear on the door frame and locking mechanism and door handles saving you money down the line on wear and tear and needing to fix other issues caused by faulty door hinges.

So if you are having difficulty shutting or opening your front door then give us a call to discuss servicing your door hinges and realigning your UPVC or composite door.

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